Meet the Therapists

Rebecca is a therapist at Core MHC who enjoys working with people facing challenges ranging from illness to anxiety to trauma. She is trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which helps people feel more in control of their emotions and lives. Rebecca has several years of experience working with people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. She also draws on her own personal experience with a chronic illness to help treat individuals in similar situations. “I know on a personal level the immense challenges that can come with an illness, and also the opportunities for growth and positive transformation” she says. As a certified Reiki Master, Rebecca also uses this ancient Japanese healing technique to help clients decrease stress and feel more centered. For those who are interested, she can apply a few minutes of Reiki at the beginning or end of therapy sessions, or teach clients how to use it as a self-care tool. Check out her availability in the “Book Now” section to schedule your first appointment.